1 Tourist Route 1

While on this route, you will catch a historical glimpse of Kyiv, walking through its legendary streets and squares and seeing the prominent monuments of the past.

2 Tourist Route 2

On this route, you will look into the heart of the capital and see in detail its key historical and modern tourist attractions.

3 Tourist Route 3

This route offers a combination of modern city centre with historic Podil. It allows to see one of the largest Orthodox shrines in Ukraine, and spend more time in the parks.

4 Tourist Route 4

When riding a bike, we get closer to the city, we feel it better. For example, by going this route you can see one of the oldest squares and a new architectural landmark of the capital.

5 Tourist Route 5

It’s a route through the capital, where you will meet two completely different, but equally interesting attractions.

6 Tourist Route 6

Arboretum Syretskyi, Babyn Yar, St. Cyril's Church. This route will undoubtedly be full of deep emotions.